I have been a teacher, librarian, linguist, student of philosophy, and writer. I am still at least three of those things.

I cowrote Haskell Programming from First Principles.

I am now writing The Joy of Haskell.

I’m about half hippie chick and about half redneck, sympathetic to various political and economic positions along the anti-statist and voluntarist lines. I like loud music, kung fu movies, and hard liquor. I also like arts, crafts, stories, and the people who make them. I like gardening, canning, talking to my kids, and being in the mountains.

I’m interested in helping people learn to create technology, rather than simply consume it.

“Don’t take life so serious, son, it ain’t nohow permanent.”

I am pretty serious about pie crust. Don’t even come at me with that store bought stuff.